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North East Radio is a non profit making internet radio station based in the North East of Scotland, We broadcast 24hrs a day, 7 days a week all over the world. North East Radio plays you a great mix of music and chat from all the decades including the 80s right up to the Top 40 music of today!

Our slogan is "Where The Listener Comes First" this all stems from ourselves putting our listeners first in what they want to hear and of course see. If they fancy a song that isn't on our playlists we will aim to get it on our playlists, if they are interesting in local whats on information or weather we will deliver what they require. Some other radio stations just play the music that they like and don't really participate when they have listener feedback.



History of north east radio


North East Radio was first launched in the summer of 2015, it was a work in progress for many months as the owner Joshua, 20, was still in full time education and had exams coming up. This was a side project and took many months to complete due to the fact he had to design, host and get a group of presenters together to broadcast once it had launched.

The 1st of January 2016 came and North East Radio was up and broadcasting live gaining 100/200 listeners a week to which for a basic new radio station was good. Come the winter of 2016, Joshua had to close down the radio station for a short while due to gaining an mechanical engineering apprenticeship which was full time and meant he had to study away from home and at work. This meant that North East Radio wouldn't be managed and maintained so this had to close.

Once the apprenticeship had calmed down in 2017, Joshua decided it was time to relaunch the station, bigger and better than ever before. This brings us up to this day and of course this greatly designed website, broadcasting live 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.


Tune In


Here at North East Radio we broadcast 24hrs a day, 7 days entertaining the nation with a great mix of music & chat from all decades. If your wondering how you tune into this wonderful station then look no further you have came too the right place. We have many ways to tune in such as our web player which is below but if that doesn't seem to be working we have hyperlinks to other media players that you may have installed on your computer!






Meet The team

Our staff here at North East Radio is always growing, as we get the word out and start entertaining the nation we will be taking applications to become Radio DJs... Events.... Programme Editors... so be sure to come back and check out if were hiring! 


Joshua falls

Joshua is the CEO of North East Radio, he is the original creator of the station and the one that makes sure it runs as sweet as nut. Other than managing the station he presents the "The DJ Joshua Show" which is usually 2hrs of a great mix of music from all the decades, without forgetting the great chat and interesting facts!


Ernie maslovas

Mr Maslovas is the best friend of Joshua that always helps him when he is stuck... Ernie is also known as a great designer that creates all the best logos & designs for NER. Without forgetting his great "DJ Landmine Show" taking you for a spin down Liquid Step, Drum & Bass with a bit of Dubstep thrown in. Its a great 2hrs filled with all the greatest remixes!


Richard hodalski

If you have ever met someone that is so helpful and has all the contacts in the trade... this is Richard he acts as the HR Department for North East Radio, making sure everybody is happy and the service is running smoothly. Unfortunately he does not present a show... yet!


Sonya falls

We certainly need a female side here at North East Radio so we have "Sonyas Ultimate Love Song Show" now I won't let you guess what kind of music that will be... we will have a great bit of Stevie Wonder... to Marti Pellow. Its a great 2hrs of all the best love songs!



natalia pratt

Miss Pratt is our advertising expert here at NER, promoting & spreading the word around the UK and Beyond!. She also presents a 2hr show of the latest Top 40 tunes with a run down of the charts... its a great listen if your into the best of bangers being released!


Russell falls

Russell is an Oldie but Goldie Radio DJ, trained by the best in the profession, we gladly welcome him to NER. Listen to his 2hr show full of all the best music all of the time from the 80s right up to today without forgetting his 3 from 1s!


Michael donges



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